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Enter the “Franken” prefix…

…I predict that we’ll see an uptick in “Franken- prefixes” because of Frankenstorm and it’s around Halloween? Anyhow, I wanted to learn more about how the term Frankenstorm got coined–who coined it? What gave rise to its name? Was this going to be a monster of a storm or was it going to be a … Continue reading


I’m creating my own bundle of joy: A links page all with shortened URLs thanks to the work of Bit.ly. Bit.ly has been around for a while, but it’s genius. Pure genius. Remember the days of the early Internet when we had to cut and paste URL that we didn’t know would fit in an … Continue reading

The Freedom to Read Act: We’re (thankfully) not in Nazi Germany anymore

If a book exists, people should be able to read it. It sounds so simple, but we’ve seen instances where it’s frowned upon to get a hold of any book that is deemed as inappropriate.  Especially books that are banned in elementary schools for being a little too forward or a little too magical (think … Continue reading

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