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Writing Vampire Westerns is Taking Too Much Research

If you’re going to write about the west for #NaNoWriMo, get ready for some solid time-lining.  I’m trying to go as fast as I can and I keep forgetting what decade I’m in.

This morning I wrote 500 words and stopped before I had to dash off at work at around 5:45 AM.  By the time I looked up it was already 6:13 and I had to shower.  This was no way to start my first day of writing.

But? I did it. And, I’m stopping tonight to start again tomorrow.  Who cares if I didn’t write about 1,600 words?  I’ll make it up.  Below is a screenshot of my first page.  It’s riddled with typos and bad grammar.  You’ll see…


About Tess McCarthy

Tess McCarthy got her MLIS from San Jose State University's School of Library and Information Science and she worked in a variety of information settings. Tess currently leads her own consulting firm in the management of digital and physical library and archives around the world. As a corporate digital image archivist, she mastered Digital Asset Management she developed and led trainings in image cataloging. She's comfortable using pronouns like she, her, they & them. When she's not organizing the world's greatest archives and libraries, she's writing and illustrating. Tess got her teeth cut in archives processing unique collections. From the Center for Sex & Culture's archival materials to the Hoover Institution, she's seen it all. At the Hoover Institution, she focused on processing, arranging, describing and writing the finding aids to several WWI and II collections. As the former archivist-in-residence at San Francisco's Center for Sex and Culture, Library/Archives she surveyed and inventoried some of the most lively manuscript collections. Her interests in the information field area are: special libraries/collections, archives; manuscripts, digital archives, digital assets, images, DAM, collection management, old maps, zines, human-computer interaction, reference/user services and, information-seeking behavior.


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