Do I have to explain myself?  Not really.  I trust that the reader will be curious enough to visit all the pages he or she can stand.  However, this page, this site is really about peering into the creative life of an information professional.

I think, for a while, I have been very interested in this notion of how people interpret information on the Web–I call it I.I. (Information Interpretation).  While this may be a part of interpersonal communication or maybe some other cross-disciplinary hybrid of study, I.I. is definitely:  an individual taking into the world their own experiences and interpretations of what the see, read or listen to through the lenses of our online world and how they choose to share, create, post, blog or respond to other content they read or individually express or create on the Web.  I know that this can be said more succinctly, but for now, I am really interested in this topic and if I have more about my thoughts on it–or, perhaps write a research paper on this topic, links shall be embeded here.



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