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I started this blog sometime during my first semester at San Jose State’s School of Library and Information Science.  At the time, I was very obsessed with taking pictures of trash in my neighborhood in the Mission.  Stuff gets dumped–and, I see the beauty in the chaotic arrangement and wrecklessness.  Then I started blogging about that.

I thought at the time, since I was doing The San Francisco Trash Watch, and, since I was/am studying to be a librarian, why not give myself a moniker?  So, I chose “The Trashy Librarian.”

Over the course of writing The Trashy Librarian, I have been wavering between keeping the blog and my title because I don’t want people to assume that I’m trashy in the other sense of the word.  Ughhhh.  I’m not a “librarian” anymore! I tell myself.  I’m an archivist.  Who says I can’t be both?  Why not say I’m an information worker or information professional?  What about information scientist?

Maybe it was kismet, but I ended up volunteering at The Center for Sex & Culture’s library and archive.  Then, I ended up becoming their Summer 2012 library intern, and in July I became the archivist there and I’m using my volunteer work experience (I do this out of love) while getting graduate credit (as Fall 2012 archives intern).

I’m graduating in December.  I’m still on the fence of retiring this wonderful blog.  But, embedded in these pages is the memory of it.  And, I’ll do my best to stay on top of re-posting here, just because this site is my repository of my work.

Here’s my hook:

The Trashy Librarian

A San Jose State University grad student studying Library and Information Science is blogging here. And, sometimes? It ain’t pretty.




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