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Originally published on: December 6, 2012 @ 18:35


The Blogchive is the official archives blog for The Center for Sex & Culture.  Most of the posts here will be re-blogged on our Center for Sex & Culture Blog at: http://sexandculture.tumblr.com/.

So far, it’s just me blogging about what is in our archives.  It’s very lonely blogging here.  However, this will change, and the blog will migrate in the future to our Tumblr site instead of re-posting. For now, I am blogging here because this is my compendium of all content created by me–for myself or different agencies.

About the Archives

The Archives is part of the Library/Archives at the Center.  We also work in conjunction with the Gallery–a whole lot.  The Gallery showcases stuff we have in the archives, and, that Library keeps users in the loop by offering a user experience that complements the work at the Archives.  Because we are a small institution, we can easily collaborate, like, host shows of manuscripts from the Archives at the Gallery.  We also have done really amazing work, for instance, we are collectively holding a zine workshop and exhibit in March 2013.

Getting in Touch With Us

In this blog you will find some wonderful parts of our collection as well as how to make the most of your visit.  The Archives is mostly open Mondays from 11:30 to 3 PM and you do not need to make an appointment although it is recommended. For other times, please schedule an appointment so we can meet with you in person, at archives_at_sexandculture_dot_org.  Or visit our Official Page at:  http://www.sexandculture.org/


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