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Writing Vampire Westerns is Taking Too Much Research

If you’re going to write about the west for #NaNoWriMo, get ready for some solid time-lining.  I’m trying to go as fast as I can and I keep forgetting what decade I’m in. This morning I wrote 500 words and stopped before I had to dash off at work at around 5:45 AM.  By the … Continue reading


Yes, I have been sick all day, but the thing that finally got me out of bed instead of watching another episode of Mariska Hargitay in TVs Law & Order, SUV was a game of Pokemon Go! My nephews signed up on the verge of it being released. Monday morning, a co-worker of mine was … Continue reading

ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco meets the iSchool Reception this Saturday!

Or just view the post here:  http://ischoolgroups.sjsu.edu/connext/?p=1662


Originally posted on Anissa Malady:
  The American Library Association’s 2015 Annual Conference will be held in San Francisco June 25th-30th, yes the same weekend as PRIDE! It’s going to be a fun-filled weekend. The Library, Archive and Gallery have many things planned for the long weekend, but we need your help. On Thursday June…

The ALA Tour Through San Francisco’s Mission is ON!

Things are finally coming together. Since March I’ve been deciding on how to be a good host to people visiting San Francisco for the American Library Association’s annual conference and how to navigate it all while enjoying SF Pride in the process. There’s lots to do, and lots of it happens south of Market Street … Continue reading

Ah! The Joys of Being Semi-Jobless…

Now, this may sound completely negative but it isn’t. The only down side is that, working part-time, means that you only get part-time pay + job experience. What you do with that OTHER time you are not at work, should be something stellar: 1. Learning origami 2. Working out like Demi Moore for the role … Continue reading

Cultivating Digital Library Professionals

Originally posted on The Lone Wolf Librarian:
The Lone Wolf Librarian View original post

Advice from a newly minted archives consultant

It’s been a little over a month where I stopped being the Archivist-in-Residence at The Center for Sex & Culture.  Since then we were able to recruit someone who has a great handle on the archives and someone who will work well with the library team.  We have an intern at the gallery and another … Continue reading

How much work are you doing in bed?

Since the creation of the corded phone we have been communicating in bed. At least me. What’s worse…we flash forward to mobile technology (beyond laptops and PDAs) and guess what? I’m writing this post in bed.

Who is Tess McCarthy?

Listening to: A “best of” New Order Drinking:  microwaved coffee with non-fat milk that’s gone cold Wearing: Cords and a V-neck sweater When I started blogging in 2002, I used to write what I was listening to, what I was drinking and what I was wearing.  I did that religiously and was a way that people … Continue reading

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